Race Report: Cougar Mountain 5 Miler

Last week, I did the first race of the Cougar Mountain Run series.  Since I’m slated to run the Surfer’s Path Marathon tomorrow I signed up for the short 5 mile race, instead of the long 10 mile race, and decided to take it easy. That said, it was a wonderful way to spend a cool and sunny Saturday morning: taking in the forest scenery and splashing around in the mud.

My shoes, caked in mud.

My shoes, totally caked.

The course was soaked from several days of downpour in the Seattle area.  Not too much of a hassle, but it made for some notable moments such as the start of the race which is normally in a dry field but was instead a swamp.  I wish I had an MP3 recorder on me to catch the sound of hundreds of feet plopping through squishy grass for KUOW’s Sound of the Day. Alas.

I’ve had the pleasure of running Cougar Mountain Run Series races before (in 2012) and they’ve been really well organized.  This race was no exception.  The only hitch being that they ran out of water at the food station.  Kind of a big deal, but thankfully I had plenty waiting for me in the car as I chomped on muffin and banana slices (which were mercifully well stocked).  A helpful reminder to always bring your own back-up when it comes to aid.

Aside from that, the race was beautiful and fun. I’ve signed up for all the short races in the series and the 50K in October, so I’m looking forward to a great trail race every month this Summer.  I may even take advantage of other run series such as the NW Trail Runs Summer series and explore some more of the local trails.

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